Talking Trouble NZ and New Zealand’s Youth Court Judges

Presentations and article in the latest newsletter from the NZ Principal Youth Court Judge, Court In The Act

Sally Kedge from the Talking Trouble NZ team recently presented to the NZ Youth Court Judges in Wellington and Auckland on the oral language competency issues facing many of the young people involved with the legal system. Following these presentations, she was invited to contribute to the Principal Youth Court Judge’s office’s newsletter;  Court in the Act. Her article can be read here: TTNZ article in Court in the Act Issue 66 and the whole of issue 66 is available here:

Judge John Walker, Acting Principal Youth Court Judge discusses these issues in the editorial stating:

“We need to be aware that Youth Court, and especially FGC, process rely heavily on the oral language abilities (everyday talking and listening skills) of the young person, who needs to listen to complex and emotionally charged accounts of the victim’s perspective, and then formulate their own ideas into a coherent narrative. They also need to be able to engage with the Judge and understand what is happening in Court. This may be an incredibly difficult, if not impossible, thing for a young person with speech or language issues to do.”
(Judge John Walker, Editorial of Issue 66 of Court in the Act)

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