Youth Crime Action Plan YJ SLT project

Two Child Youth and Family Youth Justice teams in the Auckland Region have been working with our speech-language therapists this year on a pilot project to develop innovative strategies, tools and resources for staff to use in their work with young people and their families. Please contact us to hear more about this project.

These pilot projects are now being rolled out to new sites, some starting this term with some other sites starting in 2018.

Corrections Focus Groups Facilitators

Building on work carried out by one of our team last year at a youth justice residence that assisted staff to carry out a project to listen to the views of young people, we are excited about providing some professional development workshops to assist staff in the Youth Units run by Corrections.

Gateway and Sexual Assault Assessment projects

We’ve been collaborating on two communication projects with health staff who undertake Gateway Health assessments for children and youth who are involved in care and protection services and the team who do sexual assault forensic examinations and health assessments. These projects have resulted in a range of resources and strategies that are currently being piloted and evaluated by the teams involved.

Youth Health 

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a couple of teams who deliver youth health services this year.

Specialist Remand Care

Three of our team are part of the prototyping and piloting of new models of providing specialist remand care for young people in NZ. Our role is to ensure that young people are enabled to have a strong voice adn that all the interactions involved in their involvement in processes are easy to understand and participate in.

Care and Protection speech-language therapy interventions

As well as a handful of individual children and young people who receive speech-language therapy interventions from our team, we are also involved in a new piece of work where we will be providing regular sessions of intervention at a care and protection residence. We have previously provided assessments that have resulted in Communication Passports and Plans for a number of young people (that they have helped to author), and now our role will enable these plans to be embedded into the activities and interventions that happen on a daily basis at the residence.


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