Week of Action: Te Wiki o te Reo Māori AND Giving Voice Aoteraoa Week

Last day – day 5 of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori AND Giving Voice Aotearoa’s week of action
The last video of the week is our entry into the NZSTA Giving Voice Aotearoa ‘Day in the Life of an SLT’ competition. Enjoy and share! Gives you a taste of what we get up to at Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ.
Video link: https://bit.ly/2maNfHC
We’ve listed everything below we’ve shared this week and also put a pdf below all the resources we’ve shared over the week.
We’ve really enjoyed getting some visual resources and videos out to you this week that celebrate and promote Te Reo Māori, and provide some practical ideas for building effective communication. Speech-language therapists are passionate about people’s human right to communicate and have lots of tools to help.
The themes we have explored this week are:
1) Whanaungatanga – Communication builds relationships
Day 1 VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2kivk1e
2) Kõrero I ngā wā kātoa – Talk to grow brains and path the future
Day 2 VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2kjFT4a
3) Tinorangatiratanga – Clear and fair communication helps self determination and direction
Day 3 VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2mebLYv
4) Kõrero mai kõrero atu – Speak up speak out, it’s your right to understand and participate!
Day 4 VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2m7sLzs
5) A day in the life of an SLT at Talking Trouble
Speech-language therapists can enable people to have their say so they can take charge in their lives. We have the best job ever. We want there to be more of us SLTs in NZ and in the areas where what we offer is so often not available to those who need it.
We encourage you to share our resources and consider what you can do to make communication easier, because communication in a human right.
Massive thanks to the amazing Talking Trouble team, especially Tracy Karanui-Golf for the content and amazing videos and Carol Green who drew and designed all our resources)

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