Te Wiki o te reo Māori and Giving Voice Aotearoa Week of Action

Kia ora

We’ve got two special weeks happening this week in Aotearoa New Zealand -it’s Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori week and Giving Voice Aotearoa week.

We are excited that these themes are coming together as they are central to what we are trying to do at Talking Trouble. We are aiming for all to have a strong, resilient voice to express themselves and develop their identity and self-efficacy. We celebrate Te Reo Māori and see culture and language as utterly intertwined.  Our name, Talking Trouble captures what we are trying to achieve – assisting with any troubles people have with talking itself, so they can easily talk about anything that troubles them, or can talk easily when they are in trouble in whatever way.

One of our amazing speech-language therapists, Tracy Karanui-Golf has been supporting our team to learn more about Te Ao Māori (worldview) and Te Reo Māori  (language) and has created some short videos that you need to check out below, and these come with a set of new visuals that support each day’s korero from Tracy that we’ll be sending out on social media.

Today’s theme is whanaungatanga.

Whanaungatanga is about connections and strong relationships built through shared experiences and reo (language). Developing good communication skills like talking, listening, learning new words and paying attention help us to whakawhanaungatanga (build relationships) with our Whānau and friends. These relationships help us to be happy, healthy and connected to our Whānau, Hapu and Iwi!

Kia kaha te reo Māori – let’s work together to make the language strong.


Ma te wa.

Week of Action

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