Sharing materials (from seminars and new Talking Trouble resources)

We’ve got a few things to share that are new from the Talking Trouble team.

New Talking Trouble Downloadable Resources

1. NZ at Alert Level 3

We are releasing new materials about COVID-19 Alert Level 3 from the project we have been doing with Oranga Tamariki.  There is a set of communication accessible materials you can download to use to support conversations with people about NZ at Alert Level 3 – information about staying well and healthy, and how to get help and support, and about what the courts and Police are doing at Alert Level 3. There is also a new video about youth justice and Alert Level 3. Find out more on our website here.

2. Getting ready for important phone/virtual meetings and court appearances

We’ve put together materials to prepare for the communication involved in virtual and phone meetings and court appearances. There are sets for professionals like lawyers to help them plan for effective communication for themselves and their clients, and also some sets designed for clients/participants (including a brief one page version). The version for professionals includes advice about maintaining healthy voice use. Read more and access the resources here.


Follow up from seminars hosted by Talking Trouble

You can find materials below relating to two seminars that Talking Trouble has hosted:

1. Judgments For Children – Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Our March 2020 seminar hosted jointly with Speech Science at The University of Auckland was well-attended by an audience who participated via Zoom. We are grateful to Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth for kindly being prepared to present in this way and we hope to host her in person some time in the future.  This was an excellent seminar on a fascinating and highly relevant topic to the work our team does. The handouts and video of the session are only accessible to those who registered/attended. They will have received a password by email to access the annotated slides and video of the session. We would strongly recommend the research report about Kathryn’s research which is accessible here.

2. Developmental Language Disorder Seminar materials

We are very grateful to Becky Clark from ClarkSLT and the lead of RADLD (Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder) for hosting a seminar in late November 2019. This seminar was held at Massey University and was jointly hosted by the three universities in NZ involved in speech-language therapy professional education (Massey University, The University of Auckland and The University of Canterbury) and our team at Talking Trouble. This event was well-attended by a range of professionals – SLTs, teachers, paediatricians, social workers, parents and others.

Becky has kindly made the videos and handouts available on this link:

We are going to run a follow up event later this year about the issues related to this topic in our unique linguistic and cultural context of Aotearoa NZ so we can explore relevant academic, clinical, cultural and practical issues relating to assessment, identification and delivery of support and interventions for children, young people and adults, and their families/whānau, teachers and others.

Other useful links relating to Develomental Language Disorder

RADLD (Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder)

Professor Tiffany Hogan’s Jan 2020 Reading League presentation for education professionals about DLD and Dyslexia

CATALISE summary with links to project papers

SeeHearSpeak Podcast

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