2018 Workshops coming up

We’re exploring venues and dates for workshops for a general audience of people who work with children and youth for later this year. We’re looking at including venues outside of Auckland this year, but we will still offer at least one in the Auckland region. Watch this space for an update or get in touch to find out more.

These workshops are about listening, talking, vocabulary, getting across thoughts and ideas, expressing emotions, making friends and learning.

Oral language is part of what we all do every day and plays a key role in successful participation and learning at school and in the community. It is the foundation needed to develop literacy and it is also a protective factor for well-being and successful relationships. For some vulnerable children and young people, talking and understanding others’ talk are challenging tasks. Spotting who those children and young people are and having a tool box of practical strategies to help is the aim of this workshop. Case studies of children and young people of a range of ages, practical examples, activities and videos will be used.

The workshops will be facilitated by speech-language therapists from Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ (TTANZ). TTANZ is concerned with the language skills of vulnerable children and young people. They are involved in research at The University of Auckland, provide training to professionals who support vulnerable children and also provide clinical speech-language therapy services in education, care and protection and youth justice settings.

TTANZ can also design and deliver a bespoke workshop for your organisation or group of professionals. Contact us on [email protected]

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