“Give a Little” fundraising project

We have just launched a ‘Give A Little’ project on the following link: Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ ‘Give A Little’ fundraising project We want to create some NZ video material which clearly explains how to support children and young people to participate in the important conversations they need to engage in. These include legal processes, like court hearings, education and interventions designed to help them e.g. social work sessions, anger or stress management training. So often difficulties with language are interpreted as having other causes – ‘They’re just unmotivated’, ‘They can’t be bothered’, ‘They’re really quiet’, ‘They’re being difficult’. Sometimes these labels might apply, but it is important to remember that sometimes problems arise because of language: it might be hard to understand exactly what was being asked, or it might be difficult to put into words what has just happened because of vocabulary or grammatical problems. Being able to recognise language and communication breakdowns when they arise is not always an easy task and it can also be hard to know how to help.  The video we want to make will help to explain these ideas and provide practical examples of strategies adults can use to help. If you would like to donate to get this project off the ground, please have a look at our page on the link above. 

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