Alayne McKee’s Winston Churchill Fellowship report now out

Alayne McKee is a central member of the Talking Trouble team, providing incredibly thoughtful and empowering workforce development. She also delivers some of our projects that focus on ensuring children, young people’s and adults’ voices are heard about matters that concern them. Some of this work, and the content of some of the training we provide, has been informed by the Winston Churchill Fellowship trip she took in 2018 to explore how speech-language-communication needs are being recognised and addressed in a range of settings related to justice, care and protection, mental health and behaviour. Her thought-provoking report is now available:

Transforming communication for people with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN) within the justice, mental health and care and protection sectors in New Zealand; using lessons learned in the UK to inform culturally responsive, and communication-accessible practices in New Zealand which are guided by trauma-informed care principles.

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