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Contact us to discuss training for professionals about the language and communication needs of children, young people and adults, speech-language therapy clinical assessments and interventions or special consultation or project/research work around language and communication you would like to explore for your organisation.

Making a referral for a child, young person or adult

Our experienced speech-language therapists can provide assessments and interventions for children, young people and adults. This can include those involved with care and protection, youth justice, mental health or emotional and behavioural services.

A range of services are offered, from short screening appointments to comprehensive assessments and on-going interventions. Speech, language and communication plans are integrated into other plans that may be in place e.g. care or behaviour plans, individual education plans, Family Group Conference or Court plans. Specific resources. interaction strategies, and professional development for the child or young person or adult’s team can be provided. Our team approach ensures:

  • A highly practical, functional process that considers how speech, language and communication skills interact with other aspects of the person’s life e.g. educational achievement, social relationships and emotional and cultural well-being
  • The child/young person/adult is a key member of the team and their own interests and goals within a strengths-based approach are central
  • The child/young person/adult and their family/whānau and wider team receive clear information about communication strengths and needs
  • The timing and placement of sessions are flexible and take place in the most appropriate setting.
  • As soon as approval has been given for funding we are able to commence services.

Please contact us to discuss a referral or to request a referral form or funding proposal/quote.

Typically we provide an assessment that results in a communication passport and communication plan as a first phase. If further services are required, these are discussed with the referrer. Funding has come from a range of sources e.g. High and Complex Needs, Intensive Wraparound, Intensive Behaviour Services, Oranga Tamariki, funding available to those in forensic settings, and occasionally individual’s fund services directly.

Professional development workshops

We can offer training for a wide range of needs: conference presentations, short workshops or taster sessions as well as longer 1 or 2 day bespoke training sessions that address the specific language and communication needs of particular groups of professionals.

We have provided professional development for groups such as social workers, mentors, youth health professionals, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, judges, prison and probation staff, and for NZ Fire Service staff involved in the delivery of the Fire Awareness Intervention Programme.

Our professional training helps participants to recognise speech and language difficulties when they are interacting with children, young people and adults. Although communication difficulties are very common, they can be easily masked and difficult to spot. Our sessions help participants to develop strategies to help children, young people and adults tell them things and understand what others are saying. We take a practical, functional approach, focusing on helping participants to identify what communication strategies they are already using that work well, and exploring new strategies relevant to their professional work.

Please contact us to discuss your professional development requirements.

Projects and Consultation

Our team has experience of running pilot projects and evaluating the effectiveness of speech-language therapy interventions. We are passionate about ensuring that people (and their families) have a voice that can be listened to, and they can easily understand what others are talking to them about. Our team takes a collaborative, practical approach to jointly problem solve and support staff to explore ways to work more effectively with people.

We can help your organisation evaluate its ‘communication accessibility’ and can provide advice and support for adapting existing processes and materials to ensure they are easy to understand.e.g. developing versions of written materials in a ‘communication friendly’ or ‘communication accessible’ format with visuals and clear written language.

Communication assistance in legal settings

We provide specialised Communication Assistant service in a range of legal settings with victims, witnesses and defendants e.g. Family Group Conferences, Court hearings and trials, assisting legal professionals to communicate effectively with their clients pre- and post-Court. We carry out specialised assessments that consider the person’s communication needs and then provide recommendations for special measures and practical strategies that may maximise effective communication in the relevant legal context. We mainly work within the Auckland region but we also provide services in other parts of NZ.  We have a team of speech-language therapists who have expertise across child, youth and adults issues. We are involved in the working party developing processes for the NZ Courts and are linked to others providing these services within NZ and overseas. You can find more information here.

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