Covid 19 (Delta) Resources September 2021

COVID-19 resources for Aotearoa New Zealand

These resources about Aotearoa New Zealand and COVID 19 (Delta) have been devised in partnership with Oranga Tamariki. Anyone can use them (download and share please) and we hope they will provide helpful information while we all deal with COVID 19.

The resources aim to provide young people and whānau with information about a range of topics that they might have questions about. You can download all the resources in one set: COVID 19 OT COVID Sept 2021 ALL sets or you can select a particular set:

These resources are updated versions of similar sets we released in 2020. They contain updated information and relate better to our current alert system.

Effective communication in virtual or phone meetings and legal hearings

Many people are needing to participate in phone and virtual meetings currently. These can be challenging for all of us. There might be some useful things to consider or get ready so the communication is effective as it can be. We have put together materials that might help professionals and their clients who may need to participate to prepare. We give permission for you to download them to help explain information to people. You are not allowed to use them for any financial gain and the copyright remains with the authors.

The first sets have been prepared for Aotearoa New Zealand, but we have also made sets for international audiences which are in English only and don’t reference NZ specifically (see further down the page – yellow international sets).

The third set below also contains information about healthy voice care when spending hours involved in virtual meetings, as this is something many of us are finding challenging.

International virtual communication sets

We liaise a lot with colleagues doing similar work in other countries, so felt it might be useful to provide an international version (yellow borders) of these resources. Feel free to use these to support effective communication, but please respect our intellectual property and credit the authors, and do not use these resources for profit.

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