About Us

The focus of all the activities of TTANZ are the speech, language and communication needs of children, adolescents and adults who are involved with care and protection, justice, mental health or behaviour services.

TTANZ operates as a social enterprise/profit-for-purposes organisation where any profits generated after individuals carrying out work have been paid are used for pro-bono, training or research activities. No owner dividend is taken. Sally Kedge is the coordinator and director of Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ (TTANZ) which was registered as a limited liability company in October 2015.  TTANZ had until that time been a project with no official status as a company or charitable trust that had been founded by Sally Kedge, Dr Linda Hand and Dr Clare McCann. Dr Hand and Dr McCann continue to be academic advisors to TTANZ and are engaged in some research projects that are carried out jointly between TTANZ and The University of Auckland.

Currently TTANZ is coordinated by Sally Kedge who subcontracts other part-time highly specialised and experienced speech-language therapists (approximately 20 people) to carry out the following activities:

  1. workforce professional development and training
  2. clinical speech-language therapy assessments and interventions
  3. court-appointed Communication Assistant roles in Youth, District and High Courts and Family Group Conferences for witnesses or defendants who need assistance with understanding and participating in these settings
  4. research and evaluation
  5. consultation e.g. working parties for Communication Assistants.

Our team members include Sally Kedge (Coordinator/Director), Alayne McKee, Claire Alderson, Mark Stephenson, Julia Wright, Laura van Amsterdam, Emily King, Alison Paulin, Kathryn Meredith, Tracy Karanui-Golf, Chelsea Cameron, Nicky Ridley, Brynlea Collin Stone, Simone Horrocks, Sarah Paewai, Sarah Koks, Mary-Elizabeth Hagenson, and Jasmin Tapp. Other SLTs around NZ also occasionally carry out pieces of work for Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ. Administrative and accounting support is provided by Joy Burnett, Caralyn Underwood, Emma Cooper and Simoné Nel and Carol Green creates our images, design and website.

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